Bread and Butter Sweet, crisp, and way better than store bought! $10.00

Dill Pickle Pickle Gourmet deli dill at it's finest; twice the dill for twice the flavor. $10.00

Extra Hot Garlic Our spiciest pickle with the heat of jalapeño and habanero. $10.00

Garlic Delicious pickle chips with fresh garlic - you can't go wrong! $10.00

Flaming Dill Crisp pickle chips with the kick of chili pepper oil. $10.00

Hot Garlic Garlic pickle chips with the heat of jalapeño. $10.00

Horseradish One of our most popular flavors! You'll notice that identifiable horseradish kick with a subtle, sweet after taste. $10.00

     The Crazy Cucumber      

Old Fashion A classic hamburger pickle; thin sliced, salty, and satisfying. $10.00

Spicy Bread and Butter Chili pepper oil heats up this sweet classic! $10.00

Sweet Thick cut, candy sweet with cauliflower and pearl onions. $10.00

Sweet Heat Thick cut, candy sweet pickles with cauliflower, pearl onions, and the heat of jalapeño; the name says it all.$10.00

Veggie Mix Cauliflower, carrots, banana pepper, and red pepper in a sharp vinegar brine. $10.00

Whole Pickles Garlic Little Dill

Fresh garlic flavors this classic, crunchy pickle. (Whole pickles) $10.00

Full Sour Our only fermented pickle and definitely worth a try! Super sour taste guaranteed to get your mouth watering.

(Whole pickles) $10.00

Little Dills A crisp, classic whole pickle. (Whole pickles) $10.00


Dill Pickle Pickle, Little Dills, Garlic, Garlic Baby Dills, Hot Garlic, Extra Hot Garlic, Old Fashioned, Bread and Butter, Horseradish, Sweet Heat, Sweet, Veggie Mix, Flaming Dill, Full Sour, Spicy Bread and Butter, Creamy Cucumber