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Welcome to Passion at Midnight Macarons!

We’re an at home bakery located In North Canton Ohio.

We love sweets but hate that bakeries always have limited hours and can make you go broke for just a taste of something fresh only to question how fresh it truly is.

So we decided to specialize in Macarons. The big COVID quarantine left both myself and my wife jobless for about 2 months so we used that time to perfect our recipe, yes to fail and fail and fail again until we learned what works. The American way. We’re holding onto the American dream by offering a product that’s difficult to perfect, tune consuming , colorful and overwhelmingly tasty.

We will be successful because we understand there’s no replacement to hard work. There’s no substitute for quality. When you want to feel like you’re in Paris spending your last months wages on feeling alive we want you to picture your first purchase as a bite of one of our delectably seductive Macarons. If we’ve gone that we’ve fulfilled our commitment to you.

No fancy shop Rent to pay No middle men.
Everything. You get comes directly from myself my wife Gina and my son Giacomo even helps with the dishes and sifting flour.
We work hard to keep costs down and quality up so that we can take you one step closer to the fantasy of indulging in a sweet that truly makes you forget the last worry on your mind.

It may take a little longer pending high demand but we treat every customers experience as a hand crafted art that you pay good money for, because it’s worth it..... and for the price , our (competitors) charge 3-4x more per cookie to trick you into thinking you can’t afford these luxury treats. They think your time and money can be thrown away. We feel a more honest approach will pay off more in the long run. Treat your customer as your family and they will return without hesitation. It’s not about profit margin or becoming rich. It’s about the passion that goes into sacrificing hour upon hour upon hour of detailed skilled work to make someone feel the wow! These long hours are our Passion at Midnight. This is what we named our company to remind us all lost sleep over caring what others think and feel is the only way to regain our culture and our revolution! The days of store bought max manufacturing corporate dumbing down of your tastebuds are over. Real food, real passion real people. Thank you for your love and support Chef Seth, Gina and Giacomo Trissel

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