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You don't need to wait for a Tuesday to buy a pie.

  I take orders everyday with one days notice.       

             My selections are as follows:                     

They are all fruit pies. Apple🍎, Cherry🍒 or Peach


🍊 Lattice are $12. Cherry Coconut Custard

or Peach Coconut Custard are $13. Apple Crumb,

Cherry Crumb or Peach Crumb are $13.

Specialty Pies which are:

Blueberry Coconut Custard, Blackberry Coconut Custard or Pineapple are $15.


Blueberry Lattice or Blackberry Lattice are $15, too.

Susan Lee's Pies 330/714-6857          


Apple, Cherry, Peach Lattice             Pies are $12.00             


Cherry or Peach Coconut          Custard Pies are $13.00     


Apple Crumb Pie is $13.00

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